CompassAir Web SnP Guide



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This guide is for users of the CompassAir (web version) SnP module.

Where it is felt that additional training would be beneficial, bespoke packages can be provided for both individual users as well as groups. Please contact for more information.

1 SnP Workflows

1.1    I want to create a new PE from a source email (no AI or AI failed to create the PE)
1.2    I want to respond to a new PE (seller broker)
1.3    I have received a ship that matches with one of my PEs and I want to propose it
1.4    I want to set a PE-ship commitment
1.5    I want to circulate a PE
1.6    I want to create a new PE but I don’t want to interrupt my current workflow (no source email)
1.7    I want to circulate a ship
1.8    I want to propose my direct ship to one or more PEs
1.9    I have a market info that I want to share with my fellow brokers
1.10   I want to create a new sale (normal or demo) for a ship
1.11   I want to setup the ship I’m responsible to sell (direct seller broker)
1.12   I want to see all my assigned ships
1.13   I want to see a list with all the interesting events that happened while I was out of office
1.14   I want to create a Chartering request (quite similar with PE)
1.15   I want to create a persistent list of ships to propose to a potential customer
1.16   I want to add a ship sale (single)
1.17   I want to add an enbloc sale
1.18   I want to check who is circulating a ship in the market