CompassAir Web SnP Guide



Proposing a direct ship to one or more PEs

This guide is for users of the CompassAir (web version) SnP module.

Where it is felt that additional training would be beneficial, bespoke packages can be provided for both individual users as well as groups. Please contact for more information.


Upon receiving instructions from a seller, the broker can set the ship up for sale by referring to “1.11 I want to set up the ship I am responsible to sell“.

Having marked the ship “For Sale”, CompassAir automatically searches PEs for a match. After the Ships screen is refreshed (either by tapping the refresh symbol at the bottom of the screen or using f5) and clicking on the “Match PE” tab, a list of matching PEs will be displayed, ranked according to how close is the match (best 5 stars -see “The Commercial Advice Processing Workflow” for more information on ranking).

From the list of suggestions, the broker can respond directly to one or more PEs (but only one at a time) by first selecting a PE and then by right clicking it and selecting “Propose” a new message containing the ship details will be created (the ship reference will automatically be added to the message header along with the PE reference number). Once sent, the message can be found on the “Messages” tab for the ship in the vessel database as well as on the “Messages” tab for the PE (all PEs are accessible using the left hand menu bar, using the Purchase Enquiries icon which opens the Purchase Enquiries screen). Having been proposed, the PE is then moved from the “Matching PE” tab to the “PE” tab for the ship in question.

Having proposed a ship, the “Relation Status” shown on the “P/E” tab is automatically changed to “Proposed” (this is different to the P/E “Status” which is changed by editing the P/E, and includes completed, failed, working etc.). This “Relation Status” can later be changed (right click on the respective row and select “Edit”) to either “Rejected” (the potential buyer does not consider the ship to be suitable) or “Interested” (an initial positive response to the proposal ready for discussions to move to the next stage). If the broker subsequently considers a ship to be unsuitable it can be deleted from the “Ships” tab.