CompassAir Web SnP Guide



Creating a Commitment

This guide is for users of the CompassAir (web version) SnP module.

Where it is felt that additional training would be beneficial, bespoke packages can be provided for both individual users as well as groups. Please contact for more information.


1. In the Ships Module, to add a Commitment, navigate to the “Commitments” tab for the vessel in question

2. Tapping the “Insert Commitment” button will open a new window

There are two types of Commitment, the first being “given to”, where for example a broker acting for a potential buyer will ask for more detailed information from the seller’s broker. In the example above the broker John Smithson (the potential buyer’s broker) has given a Commitment to Lyndale Shipbrokers (the seller’s broker) for three months (the default time period, although this can be edited).

When the Commitment is saved and the vessel screen refreshed details of the Commitment will be displayed as below.

A second example would be where a broker acting on behalf of a seller receives a request for more information from a broker acting for a potential purchaser – the latter is giving the former a Commitment. This time the seller’s broker records the Commitment by selecting from the drop down menu “received from”, entering details as before.

Under this scenario we might expect the seller’s broker to receive and record more than one such (received) Commitment for the same vessel and the Commitment field will this time remain blank as seen below.