CompassAir Web SnP Guide



Creating a new sale for a ship

This guide is for users of the CompassAir (web version) SnP module.

Where it is felt that additional training would be beneficial, bespoke packages can be provided for both individual users as well as groups. Please contact for more information.


1. From the ships screen, locate and highlight the ship to be updated. On the “History” tab, click on the “Insert Sale” button

2. A new window then opens into which the details of the sale (or demolition – for valuation see separate workflow 1.22) can be entered and saved. The status of the ship then becomes “sold” (as shown on the “Detail” tab) and a new entry is created on both the “Advices” and the “Prices” tabs

3. Alternatively the sale details window can be accessed by right clicking on the vessel name from the list of vessels and then selecting “Insert sale” from the menu

As can be seen, comprehensive information about the sale can be added, some using drop down menus, including the source of the information as well as details about the buyer with space for additional comments.

Having saved this information the “History” tab is updated as well as the “Prices” tab (after refreshing the window). Simultaneously the Sale Status of the vessel is updated to “Sold”.

The sale details can be updated by right-clicking on the sale details and selecting “Edit” (or “Delete” if appropriate). Subsequent editing of the sale details can only be done via the “History” tab. If the sale subsequently fails (or is falsely reported) and the user wishes to retain this information on file, then in the edit mode, from the Sale Type, “Failed” can be selected from the drop down menu. This action will also remove the sale from the “Prices” tab as well as remove “Sold” from the Sale Status.