CompassAir SnP Screen – a brief introduction



“the best tool for SnP professionals”


CompassAir was originally designed for SnP brokers, and with a perpetual development program it continues to be enhanced to meet their demanding and changing requirements.


Being “Ship-Centric”, most features work to ensure information is linked to specific vessels, e.g. incoming emails, using automation wherever possible. With our mobile and desktop application brokers have complete, up to date information at their fingertips, no matter where they happen to be.

What does it do?

At its heart is a database of vessels, organised to make an SnP broker’s life easier.


Less time is spent on data recording etc., e.g. updating Excel sheets, making more time available for revenue generation.


Immediate access to comprehensive, current, reliable information gives a broker the advantage needed to stay ahead of the competition.

What benefits does it bring?

Broking is about communication, with constantly changing information flowing at speed between many individuals.


Controlling and organising this flow, in many cases using automation, then presenting it in a useful way, means brokers can have at their fingertips everything required to ensure their real skills are put to best use.


No time is lost building one’s own databases of vessels and other information on which brokers need to function efficiently, and omitting important information is no longer a threat. As a result, one of the major benefits welcomed by many is to experience less stress.

How valuable is it?

Access to accurate information, knowing its fully up to date and ready to use gives brokers a huge advantage over their competitors.


More time can be spent on profitable activities rather than routine administration tasks. Exactly how valuable this is varies from broker to broker. All we know is that from the constant user feedback we recieve, many brokers question how they were ever able to work before using CompassAir SnP.

How is it used and what does it look like?

The SnP home screen consists of a searchable and customisable list of vessels. Attached to each vessel is a wealth of information, some publicly available, some extracted automatically from emails, some updated using inside knowledge – all sufficient to give a broker the advantage needed to stay ahead in such a competitive market.

For each vessel, the information to which a broker and his or her team has immediate access includes:


• full data, including technical and commercial intelligence
• emails relating to each, which can be matched automatically using “ShipLink”
• any relevant documentation, agreements, contracts, etc, filed centrally
• all associated vessel advices, and
• any comments, observations etc added manually and visible to the whole team


How the list of vessels is displayed is customisable, and the search facility returns results at an astonishingly fast speed.

When focus is needed, a useful feature is one where vessels can be selected and added to the “Pocket”, essentially a shortlist of vessels giving the SnP screen two modes, i.e. a full list as well as a focussed shortlist.


CompassAir has other many other features designed to enhance team collaboration. Discussions is integral to this, used either to message colleagues or to internally discuss and comment on an email prior to it being actioned.

In summary

CompassAir SnP is an “indispensable, invaluable tool that brokers cannot operate efficiently without”. Comprehensive, clear, accurate, and easily accessible up-to-date information is presented in a logical, organised way. SnP brokers are thus empowered to use their expert skills to maximum advantage, leaving the routine administrative work to CompassAir.