CompassAir NotifyMe



“Invaluable! It completely de-stresses the wait for important emails”


NotifyMe alerts you, on mobile and desktop, to those emails you need to see as soon as they arrive or are sent by colleagues.

What does it do?

Marking a message “NotifyMe” means CompassAir will be watching out for future emails in the same thread, which could be as simple as a reply to an email you have just sent. As soon as that reply arrives in your inbox, an alert is sent to your mobile and desktop application. So you know a response has arrived without any delay.

What benefits does it bring?

1. You no longer have to concern yourself about missing important emails – with NotifyMe an alert is sent automatically once a message arrives in a mailbox

2. The feature works both for the desktop application and the mobile app, so regardless of where you are at the time, maybe away from the office, you will still be alerted to the arrival of important messages

3. It works with incoming and outgoing emails – you can see as soon as a colleague has replied to a message in your departmental inbox.

4. It saves time – you can respond to emails as soon as they arrive

How valuable is it?

1. On average we check our emails 15 times a day and it takes around 20 minutes to recover each time. We are looking for important emails – if you cut that checking by just 3, that’s an hour saved a day for each member of your team, to be used on more productive activities.

2. In terms of reducing stress, we’ve been told the results are “terrific”

3. The risk of missing an email, maybe a critical acceptance to an offer you have made, is eliminated.

4. It reduces the time it takes for your team to respond to those messages it considers need to be treated as a priority

5. Workflow is enhanced, the result of you, or the members of your team, being made aware the moment information you are waiting for is available

How is it used and what does it look like?

In the following scenario, Tom Smith is sending an email to Paul Morrison asking if the yacht Eclipse will be available to charter on 14 April. He needs to get back to his client as soon as possible. He therefore marks his outgoing email “NotifyMe” (this can be done either before or after it is sent).

Having marked the outgoing email “NotifyMe”, Tom simply has to wait for Paul to reply and as soon as the email arrives he will be sent an alert both on his mobile and his desktop.

A second scenario would be where Tom has received an email from Paul but this time is expecting one of his colleagues, Mike, to reply. It is important to Tom to know as soon as the response is sent by his colleague. He therefore selects the incoming message from Paul, which is currently unanswered in the inbox, and marks it with NotifyMe.

Once you start using NotifyMe you will wonder how you managed without it. If you are an SnP Broker or a Chartering Broker, your inbox will be filling up with hundreds if not thousands of emails each day, including many you simply cannot afford to miss and some that need a response almost immediately. To cope with the noise you may have turned-off general notifications. With NotifyMe you can select those especially important emails so that you receive an alert on your desktop and mobile whenever there appears another email in the thread.

For a Ship Owner or Manager, the same applies. It’s likely you’ll have many things to handle at any one time in addition to probably managing a busy team. That also means you’ll have a large number of emails to deal with every day, and, once again, there will be some that you absolutely cannot afford to miss. CompassAir is packed with features to ensure that won’t happen, NotifyMe being just one.

In summary

CompassAir’s “NotifyMe” takes the stress out of waiting for important emails. An immediate notification is sent to your mobile and desktop, which means you don’t miss important emails and response times can be significantly reduced.