CompassAir Mobile App



“It would be very difficult to run our business without it”


One of the most powerful apps available to shipping professionals, CompassAir gives you the ability to conduct your business on the move just as well as if you were sitting in the office. Everything is at your fingertips: see which team members have read and responded to which emails and access contacts, vessel databases, emails and documents, all at lightening fast speed.

What does it do?

The CompassAir mobile app makes sure you remain engaged with your office when away from it, that you stay on top of your messages and work with your team as if you were all in the same room.


Its packed full of the features you will find on the desktop application, all designed to keep the competitive shipping professional ahead of his or her competition.


One such feature is “discussions”, here you can “talk” about emails with colleagues in your team, effectively attaching what each of you have to say to the relevant email, the details of which are only visible to those team members with access to the same shared mailbox, at the same time creating a permanent record available for review at a later date if required.


You can also use discussions in the familiar, WhatsApp-type format, to communicate quickly with one another, but again being able to retain a permanent record of what was said. This feature, available also on the desktop version, is ideally suited for use with a mobile phone.


NotifyMe is another feature that also works perfectly with the mobile app – for those emails you regard as important, select NotifyMe and then have an alert sent directly to your phone when another message you are watching out for is added to the thread.


Essentially, the mobile app is like taking your fully functional CompassAir desktop application with you, wherever you go.

What benefits does it bring?

The CompassAir mobile app gives you the freedom to break free from your desk, whilst leaving you still as effective as always.


Being away from the office and having uninterrupted access to the same information as if you were there – emails, data, documents, contacts, etc. – means not only will you not miss anything, no one will be able to tell if you are sitting at your desk or not, ensuring seamless “business as usual”.


You will still be able to keep track of what your colleagues are doing, what emails they have read, what they have replied to, and who has taken responsibility for each.

The CompassAir mobile app allows continued, full access to your contact list – so there is no danger that you will lose touch with anyone. All are accessible by voice, Skype and text – quickly and easily.


As a broker you will be able to access your vessels database and search it with the usual lightening speed, using one or a combination of seventeen different variables, fields that include vessel size, type, range, age etc. Documents available to the team are also still accessible using the mobile app, and, if you need to circulate vessel descriptions, this can be done just as easily as from the desktop.

If you specialise in SnP, then you will also find the built in Deals module incredibly valuable. Using it you can keep track of negotiations, no matter where you happen to be, and CompassAir will continue to automatically relate specific emails to specific deals.

If Chartering or Yacht Broking is your speciality, then Fixtures are also available using the mobile app, like everything else, all synchronised with your desktop ready for your return to the office.


Yacht Brokers, often out of the office in remote locations, can have access to both Deals and Fixtures, so business can continue for them as usual, wherever they happen to be, with no interruptions, 24/7.

How valuable is it?

With maritime trade being global, having access to information and people around the clock has always been a necessity. With SnP brokers and yacht brokers being routinely out of the office, they have to ensure work continues as normal, regardless of location.


At the present time, and something that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future, even more of us are finding ourselves working outside of the traditional office environment. Because of this, we are finding the use of the CompassAir mobile app is now more popular than ever before, and, if they were without it, many shipping professionals have told us they simply could not function. It really is as simple as that.

Wherever possible, CompassAir uses automation to save time, allowing the user to focus on those activities that add value to an organisation. As an example, this includes the automatic extraction of information from messages, associating messages with vessels and then the automated filing of those messages.

In addition to such features, how as an individual you get even more value from the CompassAir mobile app will depend on your own circumstances and the way you work. It may be that keeping up to speed with your colleagues when you are away from the office, or when they are away, is critical. Still being able to retrieve documents on the move is maybe what you need to do, or make sure you can almost instantaneously get in touch with one or more of what might be hundreds or even thousands of your contacts. As a broker you need to be constantly aware of continuing negotiations with access to all kinds of documents and still be able send the usual circulars whenever the need arises. The CompassAir mobile app lets you do all this. Whatever it is, CompassAir will be there to assist and support you, allowing you to continue doing what you do best, wherever that may be.

In summary

A successful mobile app is one that allows you to work in exactly the same way when you are on the move as you would when working in the office, using the most effective desktop application. We know from our clients around the world that this is exactly what CompassAir delivers. Not only is the CompassAir mobile app simple to use, it delivers everything you need, to your fingertips.


For professionals to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market necessitates making use of the best tools available. The maritime sector always has been, and always will be, one of the most competitive. Our software was designed specifically for this sector and we are confident it will give you the edge you need.