CompassAir Contact Lists



“Simple, fast access to our contacts is critical to our business. CompassAir organises this perfectly.”


Even the smallest organisation will probably have a contact list that runs into the hundreds, some containing numerous people working in multiple departments. Some of our clients have thousands of contacts and so we have ensured even the most complex structure can be reproduced, in a way that the necessary person can be identified easily, at speed.

What does it do?

With CompassAir, a complex organisation can be reproduced, making use of a “Company/Department/Desk” structure, an example of which is shown below for a fictional owner, ABC Shipping Ltd.


Contacts can be access directly by clicking on a email address or by clicking on the Contact icon in the side menu.


Each contact, whether it be at the company level or down to the individual person level, has attached to it every single message, sent and received in the past, as well as documents related to that contact and the ability for the user to add that contact to an existing circular.

What benefits does it bring?

CompassAir has a logical contract structure which helps makes it an easy to use Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool. Information on who you are looking for is simple to find, saving time as well as avoiding the frustrations that accompany less well organised contact lists.


For each contact there is a rich list of fields, together with a comments section, ensuring you have the necessary data at your fingertips (this information is synchronised between your desktop and mobile versions of CompassAir). Those same details can be easily shared with colleagues

How valuable is it?

The value of the CompassAir contact list is in the volume of information it can contain and how easily it is to navigate – either when using other aspects of CompassAir (see below for an example) or when directly searching for a contact’s details, an email exchange that you had with them in the past or a document related to that contact.


No time is lost, and efficiency is enhanced through what we call “FluidLink”. Instead of wandering through complex search screens, information is linked to other related information using hyperlinks. Those links are clickable – the only thing you have to do is click the link to jump to the information you need. For example, from any email sent from Jack you can go straight to Jack’s details in the address book, find his boss Sarah and go straight to Sarah’s messages to find the attachment you were looking for. You have not typed anything, only followed on-screen hyperlinks. You’ll notice that with CompassAir you’ll use search screens less, but still find what you’ve been looking for faster.

Probably needless to say, your entire contact list is accessible from your mobile phone or tablet, ready for calling and texting, and to help even more, its possible to call someone using Skype directly from their contact details.


When using circulars, these can also be managed from the contact list, adding or deleting individual contacts

How is it used and what does it look like?

In the example, ABC Shipping Ltd, the basic structure can be seen – at the top the company, then the various departments (e.g. Technical), then sub-departments (“desks”), in this case Electronics, Newbuilding etc. Finally, there are the individuals themselves.


Each respective level can itself have contact details and individuals, in other words named people can be recorded under the “Commercial Department”, not just at the desk level.


As can be seen, each contact has associated with it previous emails, documents etc. In this case the individual is John Smith. In a similar way documents can be associated with, for example, the Commercial Department.

In summary

CompassAir allows you to keep comprehensive records for all your contacts along with their historic emails and associated documents, all made readily available to each team member. FluidLink allows you to move around all of this information easily and quickly, simply by clicking on a hyperlink. Team transparency is enhanced, collaboration improved and the frustration of not being able to find what you are looking for is made a thing of the past.