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Would you like to know what our clients think about us? Take a look at some of the testimonials below.

I remember when Compass was a big DREAM from young brilliant fellows when we started using it many years ago. I am glad and proud of them that this dream came true. Michalis Fountoglou

CompassAir speaks shipping. The best messaging software for the shipping industry. Tasos Koutsoubas

A powerful software, helpful for everyday mailing, enriched with a good search engine and filing tools. Highly recommended for maritime professionals. Stefanos Gaviotis

Compass has grown to be the neural system of ITCM. Great software from a fantastic team. Spyros K. Alexandropoulos

Our teams find the group mailbox and filing collaboration very helpful. Thank you Compass for making our lives at a shipping company easier! Kiriaki Kavada

I would recommend the Compass shipping integrated product for SnP broking which has increased our productivity. The support team is always dedicated and always responsive to our queries. Cyril Jarnet

Compass is a great email software packed with features shipowners and ship operators look for. George Christodoulou

We are very happy with their range of products. As a global shipbroker company, Compass makes it possible for us to provide 24/7 service - from any device. Especially the search engine, it gives us quick access to information wherever we are. The support team provide very good support and service around the clock. Morten Naes

We are happy growing our business with our CompassAir friends. Stefanos Angelakos

Compass is truly a ``broker friendly`` tool and the guys are very much ``on`` and engaged with their service and improvement of the product, able to adjust the system to your need: always there fast when help is needed. Christoph Bruhn

By far the best email software for a shipowner like us. Peace of mind guaranteed, thank you guys. John Korbos

By far the best dedicated messaging and database tool I have worked with. The entire team does a remarkable job and always goes the extra mile. I cannot imagine any better solution for shipbrokers. Jan Preugschat

We started our co-operation in 2011 when opening our first off shore office in Asia and we consider Compass and its people a valuable and trustful partner of our growth. They have always been pro-active and dedicated to our needs. Vasilis Kakoulidis

It is always a pleasure to work with the Compass team. The mobile application is very user friendly and fast. Meltem Suloglu

We are grateful to be able to work with continuously evolving tools which make business lives easier, from the palm of our hands. Nikos Delavinias

Compass software is a significant tool in our daily business which the people behind it always pursue in providing their best support, improvement and development. Yannis Mitropoulos

Compass is very stable, its easy to use and has superb customer support. Working on the move, anywhere, is invaluable. Aloysius Kwoh

We are very happy with their responsive support services, quality of software and great features regularly released. Tom Roberts

Compass is not just another software. All of us here at Intermodal consider Compass and its team as a strong and reliable partner who manages to prove its value on a daily basis. George Dermatis

We are happy with the user friendly desktop and mobile versions, support responds quickly but rarely required as a very stable system. Evgeniy Dolgikh

Life is easier with Compass. Captain Kok

CompassAir gives us the insight we need to make decisions. Your mobile app is unlike anything we've seen. Robert J Pierot Jr

It is really good that we are working with this software. Wish all the best. Captain Frank Wang, Shanghai Wonderful Shipbrokers

The value Compass brings to the ship broking business is many, many times what the software costs. John Cotzias