CompassAir SnP: the Game Changer 

“The most valuable tool for Sale & Purchase teams”

Created to improve productivity, CompassAir SnP is the first choice for SnP brokers around the world.


It’s designed around vessels: messages, purchase enquiries, advices, documents, inspectable positions and ship data. It also makes best use of artificial intelligence.

For example CompassAir is able to read emails, storing information contained in them by updating your vessel database. It will also recognise purchase enquiries, scan for ships that meet the specified criteria, and that importantly are available, then notify the broker with recommendations, all in a matter of seconds after the message arrives.

– save time and money using smart automation

– instantly extract data and link to vessels

– combine your vessel data with that of IHS

– reduce email “noise” using internal discussions

– send circulars from your smartphone

– receive instant notifications for those important emails



SnP just got a little easier

Now web-based and synchronised with the sector’s leading mobile app, CompassAir SnP has been fully re-designed to make it much easier and faster to use. With fewer clicks and extensive information that is accessible in an instant, there is now more time to focus on those activities that really add value.

Ship Centric Ecosystem

Our solutions are ``ship centric``. Vessel data, emails, purchase enquiries, sales, advices, documents and inspectable positions are all connected. Brokers can quickly, efficiently circulate the appropriate ship to the market also using the mobile app. With the right tools, informed decisions can be made and action taken, without delay.

IHS and Own Data in one place

Combine your own market intelligence with ships data from IHS. Update, search and circulate in seconds from anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition: respond immediately to opportunities, reduce repetitive tasks and speed up workflows - always on 24/7, immediate action - updating databases and suggesting solutions.

Your Smart Assistant

Put Compass to work by automatically matching and instantly sending relevant commercial advices and ship descriptions for your purchase enquiries, scheduling them with our built-in assistant.

Auto-relate Emails with Ships

Reduce time spent searching, ShipLink brings an unparalleled productivity boost to any SnP desk, automatically linking every email to your integrated ships database. Use search screens less but still quickly find the information you need, all at your finger tips, and also when using the mobile app.

Everything in the palm of your hand

Using your smartphone, start the day reviewing important emails, then dive into contacts, ships, deals, fixtures or folders. CompassAir mobile was designed to increase efficiency using a familiar interface. Fully integrated, you can search your entire ships database using key criteria, it links emails to ships, filing them, and links to deals, emails and contacts.

For use in conjunction with the SnP module, we have a range of CompassPulse products. These are products specifically designed for SnP broking that take advantage of the extraordinary value AI can create for an organisation. You can now respond quicker to opportunities, reduce repetitive tasks and speed up workflows.


For further information on CompassPulse products, and how they can add value to your organisation, click on the image below.

With one of the most powerful apps available to shipping professionals, CompassAir also gives you the ability to conduct your business on the move just as well as if you were sitting in the office. Everything is at your fingertips: see which team members have read and responded to which emails and access contacts, vessel databases, emails and documents, all at lightning fast speed. For more information on the CompassAir mobile app visit our features page.

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