CompassAir Mail 


“The best group email software for maritime”

One of the most popular solutions for Owners, Managers and Operators and used in over 20 countries. CompassAir messaging is an email collaboration software built to meet the needs of maritime professionals. It’s designed to reduce email noise, save valuable time and ensure important information isn’t missed.

– web-based and mobile app

– access your team’s emails as well as your own private emails

– have smartphone mobility, 24/7, from anywhere

– save time and money by automating procedures

– search for any email, no matter how old, lightning fast

– stay ahead of the competition, taking advantage of our continuous product development, and much more



Lightning Fast Search


This is made possible through both the design of our database as well as intelligent archiving. Searching for one, old message in a daunting stack of 10 million will take less than 5 seconds. Searches are extremely simple and accurate, true data-drilling machines. Everything is searchable and interlinked: emails, documents, people, companies, calendar events and ships data. Filter out the noise by creating smart views, synced across your devices. Our servers manage huge volumes of emails, documents and data. All this action takes place in the background so you’ll never be bothered.

Forget Archiving!



It not only cuts out the stress associated with managing multiple files, but critically it makes searching for old messages lightning fast. Worry no longer about when to archive, about handling multiple .pst files and choosing which ones to access when searching for older emails. Compass Mail silently takes care of all the fuss and makes sure all the important information you need is at your fingertips.


Shared Mailboxes with Tags


Shared or group mailboxes are a great way for teams to send, receive and monitor emails from a common email address. Each email is marked as read for each individual user. A rich selection of tags allows emails to be marked, to make search much more convenient and intuitive. Use CompassAir to save time by also adding your own, personal email accounts.


Team Chat with “Discussions”


“Discussions”, or integrated chat, facilitates instant communication between a group of users and reduces email volume. For example, we give users the ability to “talk” about, propose courses of action and comment on messages in a format that is both convenient and familiar, similar to that used in instant messaging. These discussions, although associated with individual message threads, sit alongside them, changing neither their original format nor content, and are only visible internally, to those users within your organisation that have access to the relevant mailbox.

The magic FluidLink™ 


Instead of wandering through complex search screens, information is on-screen linked to other related information. Those links are clickable – the only thing you have to do is click the link to jump to the information you need. For example, from any email sent from Jack you can go straight to Jack’s details in the address book, find his boss Sarah and go straight to Sarah’s messages to find the attachment you were looking for. You have not typed anything, only followed on-screen links. You’ll notice that with Compass Mail you’ll use search screens less, but still find what you’ve been looking for faster. Magic Fluidlink™



NotifyMe is an amazing feature that eliminates the stress that comes from watching out for a response to a particular message, saves valuable time and reduces the risk of missing important information.  Available for both incoming and outgoing messages, an automatic notification is sent to your phone and desktop, informing you that there has been activity related to selected messages, those which they either need to be aware of, or want to respond to, without delay.

Smart Storage


Compass Mail significantly reduces email storage volumes by keeping only one copy of every attachment in the database, irrespective of how many times this attachment may have been received in one or more mailboxes. You will also see only one copy of a message, even if received multiple times in more mailboxes, all to mute the noise.

Scheduled Outbox


Choose exactly when a message you have written will be sent. As an example, you can make sure your email is at the top of an inbox when you know it’s most likely to be seen, maybe first thing in the morning. A very popular feature that also gives you time to correct mistakes, or even cancel a message, after pressing send; lets colleagues review a message if necessary; lets you wait for further information to accompany a message; or gives you the opportunity for further thought about its content.

CompassAir on the move, from anywhere, at any time


It has never been easier, using our mobile app or accessing Compass Mail via the web. It ensures you have at your fingertips all the information you need to conduct your business on the move, your data living securely at your office or stored in a trusted data centre. No remote access servers or VPNs means faster access, no delays, fewer passwords to remember and lower costs. Open your browser or mobile app and you’re good to go.

Switch Now and Enjoy Seamless Migration from your Old Software 


Our proven import tools ensure that your existing messages, address books, ship data and documents can be transferred quickly and be readily accessible, making the transition to our solution as seamless and efficient as possible. We have vast experience in transferring data from legacy email software systems. All your emails and contacts from generic email software, such as Outlook or Gmail, or from specialised maritime email solutions can be transferred. We are here to take care of this transfer in the most economical, fast and smooth way.

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