CompassAir Chartering


Boost your efficiency with our smart email and chartering tool

Designed with simplicity in mind, CompassAir Chartering allows you and your team to access all inbound ship open positions and cargo orders with unparalleled matching between the two.



– online Fixture book with linked email and files accessible from your mobile device

– powerful Voyage Calculator with sharing options

– easily editable positions and cargoes designed to make even the smallest teams equally competitive

– clear Laytime Calculations for your team

– send TC descriptions from the mobile app

– search all Fixtures and keep all relevant information, linked together, using the mobile app



Open positions straight from your incoming emails.

CompassAir Chartering features an integrated AI engine that can extract open positions from incoming emails. Minimum human effort. Maximum results.


Files and Follows your Fixtures

Manage your own or market fixtures and link them with all relevant emails, ships and documents. 

Matches Positions with Cargo Orders

Cargo orders can be added, edited and matched with open positions. Create your up-to-date position lists and send your email in no time. 

Smart tools

Voyage calculation with integration with Netpas distances and Marine Traffic for AIS, it provides up to date information to aid decision making.

Gives you access on the move

Boosts the productivity of your team by bringing instant access, on the move, to all emails, along with searching for ships, their open positions, accessing contacts or working on fixtures.  Circulating TC descriptions, delayed mail sending, getting notifications for urgent emails, access to open positions and fixtures, these are all part of the mobile experience.

With one of the most powerful apps available to shipping professionals, CompassAir also gives you the ability to conduct your business whilst away from the office. Everything is at your fingertips: see which team members have read and responded to which emails and access contacts, vessel databases, emails and documents, all at lightning fast speed. For more information on the CompassAir mobile app visit our features page.

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