This current Change Log, Version 400v2, introduces a number of improvements, designed to save time and improve ease of use.



New Features


Messaging – Keyboard Shortcuts


The following shortcuts have been added in CompassAir:


1. F1: Forward a selected message.
2. F2: Reply on a selected message. If the default action from user’s settings is “Reply all” the shortcut will adopt the same action.
3. F7: Open a new message editor
4. F5: Refresh message list
5. Qtrl-Q: Navigate to the Quick search on the selected Message View.


The following shortcuts apply inside the message editor.


1. F1: Sends the message.
2. F8: Open the window to select a signature.



Vessels – Vessels Relation Field


Users can use the Vessel’s ex-Name to relate the record with a message.


The existing field has been modified to search also for the ex-Name of a vessel.



Vessels – New Fields added in Vessels Screen


The following fields have been introduced (and are available as search fields and can be displayed in the results grid):


1. Fuel Type 1
2. Fuel Type 2
3. Alternative Fuel (calculated in case Fuel Type 1 or 2 is not Distillate or Residual Fuel, and could be Ammonia, Gas, Methanol etc.)

The following fields have been added and are available under the Search screen and displayed in the results grid:


1. Depth
2. Draft
3. Bollard Pull
4. Power (bhp)
5. Engine Builder
6. GT/NT (Gross tonnage and net tonnage.)
7. Deckload
8. Class
9. Cubic capacity
10. Deck area
11. Ballastable



Vessels – New Field added “Special Features”


The search field “Special Feature” has been added.  The detail is available on a “Special Features” tab. Information can be added by right clicking in the space below this tab and then selecting “Insert”, “Edit” etc.



Vessels – New Field added “Technical Manager”


A new field that shows the Technical Manager has been added in the Ship’s details. This information can be edited by the user.


Vessels – “Notes”, New Tab under Vessels


A new tab for to record notes about the selected vessel has been added. Having entered new notes in the space provided, the “Send” button then saves them.


Display Highlighted Fields Only


A new button has been added to display only the highlighted records. It is available on the following screens: Address Book, Ships, Deals, Positions, Cargo Orders, Fixtures and Commercial History.


Having typed the specified word in the “Highlight” field, pressing the “Enter” button highlights all those rows that contain the chose word. By then clicking on the “Filter” button, the User will then only see the results (rows) matching the highlighted text.



Chartering Positions – New Screen


A new interface has been introduced for Chartering Positions that includes the following:

– Search form
– Results grid with Pocket function
– Details form
– Functionality to insert/edit positions




Chartering Positions – New Tab “Message Preview”


A new tab “Message Preview” has been added to the new Chartering Positions screen. In this tab users can preview the message from which was created the Positions record.





Chartering Positions – New Tab “Received From”


A new (read only) tab under the name “Received From” has been added to the screen Chartering Positions (see image above, next to Message Preview). The tab displays the company or companies that sent the Chartering Position information. The scope of this is to evaluate whether or not the source is reliable.




Chartering Positions – Confirmation of Pulse Generated Positions


For Chartering Positions records that have been created automatically by our (AI) Pulse functionality, these need to be confirmed manually by users. We have therefore added a “Confirm” button in order that users can review the data and then move to the next Chartering position. In the example below, it can easily be seen that the Position has been generated automatically by Pulse and has yet to be confirmed.



Chartering Positions – Highlighting in Pulse Generated Positions


The words in a message that are used to create a Chartering Position using Pulse functionality, e.g (ship name, dwt, yob, port etc.) are highlighted in order that the user can easily check and confirm the record.



Chartering Positions – Quickly adding a Position from a Message


There is now an option to create a new Chartering Position whilst reading an email. This can be done by clicking on the plus sign on the top menu bar and selecting “Add Position” from the drop down menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P. In both cases the Position details can then be added in a pop-up window.



Deals – Adding en-bloc Ships to a Deal using the new “Ships” tab


A new tab “Ships” has been added under the Deals function. Users can use this tab to add en-bloc ships to a Deal by right clicking in the grid, and selecting “Insert”




Deals – New actions available


Right clicking on the search results grid reveals a menu from which various actions can be selected, for example to edit or delete existing Deals.



SnP Module – Commitments – new column added “Department”


Under the “Commitments” tab in Vessels, a new column has been added to allow the display of the “Main department” of the “Responsible broker”.


(as with other screens, the Gear icon allows the user to customise which columns are shown under this particular tab).