This current Change Log, Version 366v2, introduces a number of improvements, designed to save time and improve ease of use.




General Improvements and Fixes




The following specific improvements and fixes have been incorporated into this latest update in addition to reworking the user interface to address issues with fonts, alignment, etc.; fixing of general bugs; and various performance improvements.




Password Recovery

When using CompassAir for first time, a pop up dialog during the login procedure prompts the user to setup a recovery email address.

If the latter option is chosen then under Settings/Password the user will be permitted to submit a recovery email another time. Once the recovery email has been submitted then this form will no longer be available/seen.

This feature does not apply to users who are using Microsoft authentication.




Fixtures: Laycan times


On the Fixtures screen, having selected a specific fixture, Laycan dates can be inserted or edited. It is now possible to add times alongside the dates. This is achieved by editing the Fixture details after first choosing the relevant dates for both the Lay and Cancel dates. Once the dates are selected, the time can be entered by typing alongside those dates.




Messaging: inserting multiple circulars in the message editor


Multiple circulars can now be inserted into messages. From the editor start typing in the circulars field.

Check those circulars from the picklist that are required and then click on “Add Selected”. The visibility is BCC by default.







Messaging: pasting attachments from one message into the message editor


This is achieved by first right clicking on the attachment and selecting “Copy”.

In the new message (editor), under the “Attach” drop down menu select “Paste Attachments”. For messages with multiple attachments, to copy all first choose “Select All” after right clicking an attachment, and then after right clicking a second time chose “Copy Selected”. Alternatively, individual attachments can be selected by pressing the Control button and left clicking on the desired files, finally choosing “Copy Selected”.




New Features – SnP Module


SnP Module: Ships Details – new tab: Sent to



From the Ships screen, having selected a particular vessel, there is now an additional tab under the vessel details “Sent to”. Under this tab can be seen a list of all Accounts to whom details of the vessel have been sent in the last 30 days.

Right click to display the most recent message sent. For earlier messages to that account that are not in the same thread, these can be seen on the “Messages” tab.

For longer lists, Accounts can be filtered using the box and drop down menu at the top of each column. For example, filter Accounts containing “dale”.

The “Highlight” field is available to search through the messages. For example by typing the word “Jones” in the search box and clicking on the eye icon all messages that contain the word “Jones” in the list will be highlighted.




SnP Module: Ships Details – copying data


From the Ships screen data can be copied from individual cells, rows or pages then pasted to Word or Excel. Each option is available from the menu that appears after right clicking on selected rows/cells.




SnP Module: Ships Details – searching for vessel within date ranges


An additional search parameter has been added “Last Message” that allows users to search for vessels that have been related to messages sent or received within a specified period.

For example, the aside search would return all vessels mentioned in messages sent or received in the last 9 weeks.





SnP Module: Ships Details – adding Similar/Sister ships to a P/E

Sister or similar vessels can be added to a P/E from the “Sister/Similar” tab. Having selected a vessel on the Ships screen, select the Sister or similar vessel(s) then choose “Add to P/E”. A new window will appear from which can be selected the relevant P/E.




SnP Module: automatic flagging of “Working Ships”


CompassAir automatically adds a private flag to those messages that are classified as a user’s “Working Ships”. These are defined as those vessels whose details have been sent by the user in the last 15 days.




SnP Module: Ships Details – new search field “Ownership Country”


A new parameter has been added when searching for vessels, “Ownership Country”. This will reveal not only those vessels where ownership is in the chose country or countries, but also where the Ship Manager or Operator is located. For example, entering “Japan” in this search field will reveal a vessel where the Beneficial Owner is based in Panama and the Manager in Japan.




SnP Module: Ships Details – marking messages as read


Messages can be viewed from the Ships screen for a chosen vessel. Messages are listed under the “Messages” tab for each vessel. They can be viewed by clicking on the message (see below). Only by viewing a message via the Messages screen will it automatically be marked as read. However, whilst in the Ships screen if a broker wants to mark a message as read, this can be achieved by clicking on the relevant message under Messages tab and then pressing the space bar.




SnP Module: Ships – Quick Search


It is possible to search for an individual ship without interrupting the current workflow. By typing in the name of a vessel in the “Search for a ship” field on the top menu bar, a drop down list of vessels (displaying the vessel’s name, DWT, type, year and country of build) appears from which can be selected the relevant one.

The vessel details will appear in a separate window that can then be dragged to a convenient location of the screen.





SnP Module: Ships Details – new sale status “Pre-Advice”


A new sale status “Pre-Advice” has been added for use where a ship owner is interested to sell a vessel in the near future. It can be used by a broker to define a future date on which to contact the owner. If the broker changes the sale status to anything but Pre-Advice then the system clears the Due Date automatically.




SnP Module: Ships Details – new search field “Size”


A new search field has been added allowing a user to search on size of vessel (e.g. Aframax, Capesize, etc.) instead of DWT.





SnP Module: Ships Details – new sale status “Nego”

To be used for vessels under negotiation, the status “Nego” has been added, which is also available as a parameter in the search screen.





SnP Module: Ships Details – copying data

When adding a new SnP advice from the vessel Advices tab, the user is now able to add the source of the Advice. This can be in the form of free text or a Contact from the Address Book. Suggestions are included in a drop down menu, the columns of which can then be sorted or filtered.