CompassAir on Azure


Microsoft Cloud is the most adopted expandable cloud platform, providing ease of use no matter where you are, with a consistent experience across on-premise, public and hybrid cloud.


With CompassAir, you have the option for hosting to be on-premise or on the cloud. Whatever your requirements and preferences, we can offer a solution that gives you complete flexibility, enabling you to scale-up (or down) when the need arises.

CompassAir on Microsoft Azure Cloud

One point of contact – ease of use is always towards the top of the list of requirements when clients are investigating a move to the cloud. Having only one point of contact – our Support Department – not only saves time but importantly brings peace of mind.

Costs – there are no upfront costs, with on-premise capital investment replaced by predictable monthly payments that also cover licence costs. This is advantageous when an organisation is growing or contracting, in which case usage can be scaled down.

Security – make use of the highest security standards, up to date software and the most sophisticated disaster recovery plans. With data being accessible from anywhere, business continuity is less of a challenge should a local disaster strike.

Scalability – when your organisation is growing, you won’t have to invest in additional hardware or infrastructure. No additional purchasing, maintenance or office space is required. You only pay for what you use and can easily scale up to meet additional demand (and, importantly, scale back when this is appropriate).

Easy access – CompassAir is accessed from anywhere, simply by logging on using a browser or a mobile app, from any type of device. CompassAir cloud based solutions bring increased flexibility to organisations.

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

• Agility and global presence
• Easy scaling of resources
• Fast deployment
• Powerful cybersecurity and data encryption
• Strong business intelligence and analytics support
• Efficient, encrypted backup and recovery
• Minimal down time – 99.95% availability

For more information on Microsoft’s committments for uptime and connectivity see Microsoft Service Level Agreements.

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