CompassAir powers your collaboration


Chat about emails even when you can’t do it face-to-face. Attach comments, observations and questions to messages for your colleagues.

Internal messages

Peace of mind when needed, keeping team messages private, even when working remotely.

All in one place

Save time by working with both private and public mailboxes in one place.

Shared mailboxes

Full access for the team, working together and synchronised. For each message, see who’s read it and who needs to do what, along with any action already taken.

Artificial Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition: respond immediately to opportunities, reduce repetitive tasks and speed up workflows


Never miss an important message, even when away from your desk. Get notifications on both your desktop and phone.

Exceeding expectations

Given the popularity of flexible working as well as the amount of travel that takes place in the maritime sector, we endeavour to make working away from the office as easy as possible. We were proud to discover how well this actually works and the benefits our software delivers to each of our users.

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CompassAir Web usage 0
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Overall satisfaction with CompassAir mobility 0

How We Do What We Do

We help you connect and work more effectively


We keep a close eye on maritime, delivering custom solutions for over 15 years based on deep industry insights


Our team of global-minded maritime enthusiasts combines diverse skills from software development to database management, UI/UX, ship operations, S&P and chartering


We are in a constant development mode, always trying to take us further by bringing new powerful features and functionalities to life


We are inspired by our longstanding, loyal customers who cannot imagine doing business without CompassAir

Access From All Devices – Built To Work Wherever You Happen To Be

Access whatever you want wherever you want. Don’t be tied to your desk either at the office or at home. Get all your emails and notifications on your phone.


What you need, readily available

Key points for extraordinary times

Fully Customised Solution

For the entire company or for one department? All-in-one solution or just a module? You decide

Safe Data Storage

Maximum safety of data stored on premises or on the cloud

Flexible IT Infrastructure

Freedom to choose from our Azure offering, have everything on-premise or any combination

Secure Access Control

High security access control with customisable permissions

Quick Installation

Up and running within a few days. Let us take care of onboarding and data transfer

Dedicated Support

Contact us for a rapid response via email, chat or a phone call

Open 24/7

We are always here, flexibility whenever it's needed

Web-based Messaging

With CompassAir Web, all you need is a browser. Perfect for working away from the office

Ship owner
Stefanos Angelakos, CEO

``We are happy growing our business with our CompassAir friends.``

Sale & Purchase
John Gower, SnP Broker, Founder

``We were all working on our browsers, some on Mac others on Windows, some on Chrome others on Safari. Accessing our data was a breeze once the lockdown began. ``

Morten Naes, Chief Digital Officer

``Our users were up and running and working normally without any delay since CompassAir is truly web-based.``

Chartering - Agency
Cpt. Kok, Managing Director

``Working from home or working in the office makes no difference since we're all on Compass.``

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